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Up and Down

Apple acquires Workflow. It is strong evidence of how successful and irreplaceable Workflow has been. Although the upsides of this purchase have yet to emerge (except Workflow is free now), I immediately face the downside of it—Workflow has pulled the … Continue reading

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Workflow 1.7.1 Brings the Ability I’ve Been Waiting For

Released on March 1, Workflow 1.7.1 brings the ability I’ve been waiting for—calling an existing workflow inside another workflow. Background I’ve been tracking the time I spent on various personal activities, mostly my reading activity, for more than five years. … Continue reading

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Workflow Meets Airtable API

Firstly URL schemes with x-callback-url, then the workflow, these automation tools have expanded the scope of iOS productivity to an unprecedented level, pulling people out of the repetitiveness of their work, and allowing them to do tasks in a completely … Continue reading

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